Huaya Center
Customized Service(Public Policy Task Force)

EconomicDevelopment project

MISSION- To attract new projects and businesses to locate in, promotecapital investment in, and create jobs in the Shenzhen city.

We provide professional relationship tonavigate the multiple facets of the site selectionexpansion process, includingthe facilitation to our economic development support network.  These services include:

Conducting real estate searches of existing and greenfield locationsfor prospects

Participation and coordination of site selection trips/briefings andorientations of the Shenzhen city

Facilitate access to data (via partners) on key business factorsthat highlight the Shenzhen city as a destination for investment and jobcreation

Provide guidance in evaluating and applying for Local incentiveprograms

Advocacy for projects on issues pertaining to permitting andregulation with Local entities

Mobilization of our key board members, allies, partners to ensureproject success

Businesspromotion project

MISSION –To bring relative industry, government, and community stakeholderstogether to hear the newest products projects service information fromindividual business Proprietor.

Mergerand acquisition (m&a) project

MISSION –to provide Merger and acquisition targets and partner selection,assist to follow up the projects.